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Made by Adidas and sponsored by Chevrolet, the Manchester United third jersey 2017/2018 was released this morning. It pays tribute to the rich history of the club with a motif of the United Trinity statue.


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Inspired by the jersey of the FA Cup win in 1985, the new Adidas Originals Manchester United clothing collection, officially launched on October 1st, introduces 12 unique products to honor winning the 1985 FA Cup.

The Adidas Originals Manchester United collection includes a selection of products including an old-fashioned Manchester United home jersey, a retro-style jersey of the FA Cup victory jersey in 1985, and a number of hats to windbreaker products.

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The new Manchester United 16-17 jersey introduces a completely new color combination in white and gray for the club. The new Manchester United jersey, released on July 29, 2016, features an outstanding graphic print on both sleeves, inspired by the worker bee featured in the Manchester Coat of Arms.

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Adidas unveiled a special Manchester United International collection. The new Adidas Manchester United International collection uses a game of dark color, unlike that of last season which was brightly colored.

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Once you look at the sport of soccer, your primary emphasis is on your favourite team winning the sport. It really is not pretty often that you simply pay attention the garments that each crew is wearing and even imagine about how the uniforms became about. Ibrahimovic 9 Jersey For those who have been to do some research to the soccer shirt, you could be surprised at several of the facts and knowledge that you may uncover.

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